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Preventing Falls While Riding a Bicycle

To prevent falls while riding a bicycle, start by ensuring your bike fits properly, as this provides better control and comfort. Avoid obstacles by staying alert and scanning the path ahead, allowing you to navigate around potential hazards. Maintaining composure is key, and try not to get startled by sudden noises or movements, as staying calm helps you keep control. It is essential to take breaks when tired, as fatigue can impair your balance and reaction time. Riding at a standard pace, without sudden accelerations or decelerations, helps maintain stability and control. By following these practices, you can significantly reduce the risk of falls and enjoy a safer cycling experience. Falling off a bike can cause painful foot injuries. If this has happened to you, it is suggested that you consult a podiatrist who can offer treatment and relief remedies, in addition to effective fall prevention tips.

Preventing falls among the elderly is very important. If you are older and have fallen or fear that you are prone to falling, consult with one of our podiatrists from William Street Podiatry. Our doctors will assess your condition and provide you with quality advice and care.

Every 11 seconds, an elderly American is being treated in an emergency room for a fall related injury. Falls are the leading cause of head and hip injuries for those 65 and older. Due to decreases in strength, balance, senses, and lack of awareness, elderly persons are very susceptible to falling. Thankfully, there are a number of things older persons can do to prevent falls.

How to Prevent Falls

Some effective methods that older persons can do to prevent falls include:

  • Enrolling in strength and balance exercise program to increase balance and strength
  • Periodically having your sight and hearing checked
  • Discuss any medications you have with a doctor to see if it increases the risk of falling
  • Clearing the house of falling hazards and installing devices like grab bars and railings
  • Utilizing a walker or cane
  • Wearing shoes that provide good support and cushioning
  • Talking to family members about falling and increasing awareness

Falling can be a traumatic and embarrassing experience for elderly persons; this can make them less willing to leave the house, and less willing to talk to someone about their fears of falling. Doing such things, however, will increase the likelihood of tripping or losing one’s balance. Knowing the causes of falling and how to prevent them is the best way to mitigate the risk of serious injury.  

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact one of our offices located in William Street in New York, NY, Forest Hills, NY, and Broadway in New York, NY . We offer the newest diagnostic and treatment technologies for all your foot care needs.

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