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How to Take Care of Your Feet if You Work While Standing

For those who stand most of the day while working, foot pain is common. However, there are things you can do to alleviate pain. The type of shoes you wear have a big impact on their wearability. Shoes should have enough space so that toes can move freely. Shoes like open-back heels and sandals are not very supportive and can be bad for feet. Women should also avoid high heels. Shoes should also support the arch, and if not, podiatrists offer custom-made orthotics. Athletic shoes generally offer more support and are a good choice. Stretching your feet can help deal with pain, as can soaking them in a tub. Wearing clean, dry socks can prevent athlete’s foot; foot powder can as well, while also keeping them dry. While you may have to stand all day while you work, this doesn’t mean you have to experience discomfort.

While working on the feet, it is important to take the proper care of them. For more information about working on your feet, contact one of our podiatrists from William Street Podiatry. Our doctors will treat your foot and ankle needs.

Working on Your Feet

Standing on your feet for long periods of time can cause stress and pain in your feet. Your whole body may experience change in terms of posture, back pain, bunions, callouses and or plantar warts. There are ways to avoid these conditions with proper foot care, smart choices and correct posture.

Positive Changes

Negative heeled shoe – Choosing this shoe type places the heel slightly lower than the ball of the foot. These are great for overall foot health. Find shoes that fit you correctly.

Go barefoot – Our feet were not designed to be enclosed for all hours of the day. Try to periodically expose your feet to air.

Eliminate Pain

Foot Exercises – Performing simple exercises, incorporating yoga and doing stretches are beneficial. This will allow increased blood flow to the area and muscles of the foot.

Achilles tendon – Stretching the foot out flat on the floor will relax the calf muscles and tendon. These exercises can be performed almost anywhere. Make sure you add these exercises to your daily regimen. 

With a little bit of this information and knowing more about foot health, you will notice changes. Foot stretches and proper footwear will help with pain and prevent further issues.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact one of our offices located in William Street in New York, NY, Forest Hills, NY, and Broadway in New York, NY . We offer the newest diagnostic and treatment technologies for all your foot and ankle needs.

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