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Grades of Ankle Sprains

If an individual develops a sprained ankle, the ankle likely has, in some way, rolled or twisted into an awkward contortion. Importantly, there are several different grades of ankle sprains to be familiar with. Knowing these different grades of sprains might help an individual and their trusted medical professional assess the severity of their sprained ankle. Primarily, there are three different grades of ankle sprains. Grade I is the least serious level of an ankle sprain, and it is characterized by slight stretching of the ligaments. Grade II is a slightly more serious level of ankle sprain, and it is defined by a partial tear of the impacted ligament. Lastly, and most seriously, is a Grade III ankle sprain where the ligament is completely ruptured. If you or a loved one has recently developed a sprained ankle, schedule an appointment with a podiatrist today to receive advice and treatment.

Ankle sprains are common but need immediate attention. If you need your feet checked, contact one of our podiatrists from William Street Podiatry. Our doctors can provide the care you need to keep you pain-free and on your feet.

How Does an Ankle Sprain Occur?

Ankle sprains take place when the ligaments in your ankle are torn or stretched beyond their limits. There are multiple ways that the ankle can become injured, including twisting or rolling over onto your ankle, putting undue stress on it, or causing trauma to the ankle itself.

What Are the Symptoms?

  • Mild to moderate bruising
  • Limited mobility
  • Swelling
  • Discoloration of the skin (depending on severity)

Preventing a Sprain

  • Wearing appropriate shoes for the occasion
  • Stretching before exercises and sports
  • Knowing your limits

Treatment of a Sprain

Treatment of a sprain depends on the severity.  Many times, people are told to rest and remain off their feet completely, while others are given an air cast. If the sprain is very severe, surgery may be required.

If you have suffered an ankle sprain previously, you may want to consider additional support such as a brace and regular exercises to strengthen the ankle.

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